IQL, Machine Tool Optimization and Manufacturing Process Improvement Services

Making Machine Tools More Accurate and Productive

IQL works with leading manufacturers, improving the most challenging manufacturing processes by understanding and improving machine tool positioning performance. IQL has one of the world’s most comprehensive knowledge bases of actual machine performance and specific design behavior.

Applying this extensive knowledge base allows us to focus our support activities on only those machine attributes that have the greatest impact on part quality and to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions for improving their processes.

"IQL must be the best kept [metrology] secret in the country!" - Major Aircraft Engine Technical & Quality Planner

Why is Machine Tool Lifecycle Management Important?

The US has lost much of it’s ability to produce high accuracy machine tools, which has made it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to locally support and maintain machines for timely and high quality parts. Cost and schedule challenges associated with each phase of the lifecycle are increasing with advancing machine complexity.

More users are pushing their older machines to produce with as-new capability. Long-term plans to maintain capability are sacrificed due to cost, thus increasing production time and reducing quality.

IQL's Modeling Tools Improve Machine Tool Lifecycle Management

IQL provides services that address each Machine Tool Lifecycle stage: Vendor Selection, Installation and Run-off, Production Applications, and Rebuild or Retire Decisions.

The Process Error Budget Models consist of budgets for Part Measurement, Manufacturing Practices, Environmental and/or Internal Thermal, and Machine Error.

The Error Control Tools consist of ISO Test Codes for Machine Tools, and Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems.

IQL Machine Tool Lifecycle Management Tools establish performance requirements from part tolerances. These requirements are used to verify the capability of machine and parts suppliers upon selection and machines upon installation. These tools are also used to establish quality / maintenance requirements for periodic capability verification, and to identify and verify correction of capability-limiting machine errors throughout the machine lifecycle.

Managing the whole machine tool lifecycle and implementing a maintenance plan, rather than applying short-term fixes to hastily return to production, will maintain the accuracy and increase the availability, life and value of the machine.

Want to begin or revise your current Machine Tool Lifecycle Management? Contact IQL today for a Lifecycle Management plan specific to your business!

IQL offers a wide range of products and services:


Machine Tool Calibration Services: CalibrationPlus™ - machine tool calibration, machine evaluation and adjustment, manufacturing process diagnostics and modeling, procurement specification support, machine capability evaluation, machine design reviews and recommendations as well as custom engineering services to suit individual customer needs.

Machine Tool Optimization Services: IQL SuperTune - Enhanced volumetric positioning performance for basic Haas Vertical Machining Center and Horizontal Machining Center models.


Courses on Machine Tool Metrology, measurement instrumentation use, Machining Process Diagnostics, and customer-tailored training in the latest methods for machine evaluation and adjustment. Offered at regional training sites as well as on-site upon request.


A comprehensive range of instruments and artifacts used for machine characterization as well as standalone software products for measurement and evaluation. These are sold individually or bundled into standard Locus Metrology Systems.

Our goal is to help manufacturers understand, improve and sustain their operations.

IQL News Brief

What is metrology?

Metrology is the science of measurement.

For World Metrology Day (May 20), Dutch Metrology Institute VSL created the following video titled "Metrology in Daily Life" that just may get you thinking and observing on your next run.

Machine Calibration

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